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EDUC 420

NAD Educators’ Convention, Phoenix 2023

Pacific Union College

Instructor:  Dr. Jean Buller Aug 7-10, 2023
Phone:  707-389-0803 1-2 units credit


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This seminar includes and extends the Phoenix 2023  NAD Educators’ Convention.  Students must attend the convention and select additional projects to demonstrate their acquired knowledge and/or applications. 


    • attend four workshop presentations 

    • attend three general sessions

    • apply new learning to your profession

    • grow spiritually and professionally

Convention Attendance
Attendance Log

SCHEDULE:  August 7 – August 10, 2023

NOTE:  There is no designated session to attend in Phoenix to receive this course credit.  All interaction will be through email with the instructor.  You receive your syllabus online once you register, you attend the Educators’ Convention, completing all requirements for the number of credits you desire, and you submit your work electronically. 


For One Unit of Credit (1.0) complete the following:

    1. Attend a minimum of four professional workshop presentations and three general sessions.

    1. Submit an attendance log (attached) with the sessions attended and a brief summary of each.  Submit a one – two page reflection analyzing the benefits of the Educators’ Convention and your suggestions for future conventions.  What did you especially enjoy and what are your ideas for making the experience even more rewarding?

    1. All assignments are to be submitted by the last day of PUC’s summer school – August 18, 2023.

For Two Units of Credit (2.0) complete the following:

    1.  Complete the requirements for 1.0 unit of credit. 

    1. Complete ONE project that extends the experience of “Phoenix.”  You are to choose a project that resonates with your interests and needs.  The following projects are possibilities:

    1. Select a professional book to read on a topic presented in a workshop you attended.  Write a 2-3 page book review summarizing the author’s main points and your response to the ideas presented in the book.  Which points would be easy for you to adopt and which would you find difficult?

    1. Create a Professional Action Plan (2-3 pages) for yourself over the next year.  Generally, how will you accommodate the information you received at the Conference into a plan to improve yourself as a professional?  Specifically, what are your goals and the specific steps you will take to achieve these goals?  

    1. Review and submit a 2-3 page analysis (components, organization, features, etc) of any new textbook adoption, program, or material that was introduced in Phoenix and you plan to use for this coming school year:

    1. Other___________________________________________ 

If this option is selected, you will need pre-approval by Dr. Buller.  Please submit your idea by email:

    1. If you choose two credits and complete a project, you will need to submit the project assignment by September 1, 2023.  


For the one unit of credit:
Attendance and log 80%
1-2 page reflection 20%

For the two units of credit:
Attendance and log 60%
1-2 page reflection 20%
Project 20%

Grades will be reported as letter grades.

95% A 70
93 %A- 65
B+ 63 D-
B Less than 63 F

95% A
93 %. A-
90 % B+
85% B
83% B-
80% C+
75% C
73 % C-
70% D+
65%. D
63% D-
62% -0% F


All Assignments Logs are due on the last day of summer school – August 18, 2023.   All additional projects for 2.0 units of credit should be submitted by September 1, 2023.

The Log in sheet is here: